Yep that’s me… I am a sneaker head! I am also 5’7 so wearing heels isn’t really my thing because I am already tall.

So I buy a lot of sneakers.

Follow me as I show you how I showcase them with numerous outfits throughout the year. It really helps when you have a lot of choices because it allows you to coordinate with your clothes, always look stylish and feminine at the same time.

I paired these today to a 2 piece beige body con dress and a brown short shirt dress (click here to see the look). I loved these with this outfit because the soles are slightly elevated and it gave me the look I was going for with my dress. Actually felt a little like wearing heels today without the struggle to balance!

These were paired with a black high waisted pair of skinny jeans and a white top (click here and check out the look). Because my colors were just black and white these added a pop of color that didn’t take away from my outfit but more so added to it.

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