Forget what the movies teach you—high school isn’t just about rockin’ friendship bracelets, impromptu dance parties, and winning football games. Being a teen girl these days can be tough; deadlines are looming at every corner and the pressure to achieve can feel crushing! From handling academics to navigating relationships with peers, family members, and teachers–it’s hard to know how best to handle all of life’s stressors while keeping a sense of sanity! Don’t let it get too overwhelming—we’re here for you with tips on managing high school stressors so that you can make it through this sometimes bumpy ride in style.

Attention ladies! It’s time to lay down the Law: High School Is Stressful.

We all know it’s no secret that high school can be downright overwhelming and intimidating, especially for teen girls. Between classwork, extracurricular activities, college prep and keeping up with relationships (or lack thereof), stress levels tend to reach an all-time high. But don’t you worry—we got your back! Let’s explore some of the major typical stressors out there so you feel confident enough to tackle ’em head on!

Exams: Whether they’re midterms, finals or any type of assessment in between, exams can be one of the biggest stressors for high schoolers. And sure, we get it—the pressure to perform well is real! The best way to stay on top of exam prep is by making a plan and sticking to it. Create a study schedule, review material regularly and get plenty of rest the night before.

Social pressures: High school can be quite challenging to navigate from a social standpoint. From cliques to dating drama, teen girls have to face it all! While there’s no single solution for this, try your best not to compare yourself to others—you’re much more capable than you think. Take time to practice self-care and surround yourself with positive, uplifting people.

Time management: Between classes, clubs and after school activities, teen girls have a lot on their plate! It’s essential to find a balance between it all—take some time for yourself every now and then. Make sure to prioritize tasks, set realistic goals and make use of a planner or calendar to stay organized.

No matter what teen girl high school stressors come your way, take a deep breath and remember that you can get through anything! It’s all about finding the right strategies for managing it.